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The use of web technologies is becoming increasingly important to most companies and administrative bodies and thus, the use of associated web-based GIS or webmapping solutions is becoming increasingly important. Widespread internet accessibility and distribution of Google maps and such applications as the Google Earth plugin have popularised map applications which have over time become standard on many websites. Implementation of complex webmapping projects however, requires comprehensive knowledge in various fields – and this can all be provided by our company. Over the years, we have developed, adapted and implemented numerous web applications.

An overview of our services in the field of webmapping is shown below.
Scope of services:
  • Development, modification or implementation of various webmapping solutions, such as Arc GIS Server, GeoServer, MapServer in connection with certain technologies e.g. SVG or Flex and client-solutions like OpenLayers, Leaflet, GeoExt, MapQuery, Mapfish etc.
  • Implementation and application of database technologies in web applications (among others Oracle/ Oracle Spatial, PostgreSQL/ Post GIS, ArcSDE)
  • Implementation of webmapping solutions within Content Management Systems (e.g. Drupal, Joomla), taking into account the different web technologies (AJAX, PHP, JavaScript or the various JavaScript frameworks such as Ext JS or jQuery)
  • Development of geodata infrastructures (GDI) taking into consideration current security requirements or given legal frameworks (e.g. Inspire, national guidelines)
  • Provision of server technologies and hosting of webmapping applications
  • Development and implementation of special mapping applications for example with Web Processing, Sensor services or 3D and 4D applications

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Have a look at some of our webmapping demos:



An overview of our individual projects is provided below: and GIS-Akademie

3D and 4D web applications using various technologies (GIS, PostgreSQL/ PostGIS, KML, COLLADA-models, Ext JS among others) 


A study of the use of 3D webmapping solutions is currently underway, in cooperation with and the GIS-Akademie Hamburg. A demo-client has been completed using the Google Earth plugin embedded in an Ext JS framework. We are currently working on an extension for the Visualisation of Time series.


Gesellschaft für internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH

Development of an intranet map application for visualisation of various projects conducted world-wide by the use of OpenLayers, jQuery amongst others.


Our relationship with GIZ (formerly known as German technical cooperation GTZ) established many years ago encompasses our involvement in and contribution to various international projects. We have worked with the corporate head office in Eschborn since 2009, and used diverse technologies in the development of an intranet map application for visualisation of their worldwide project sites taking into account their corporate website.


Telekom Deutschland GmbH

Implementation, adaptation and further development of WebGIS applications (ArcGIS, ArcGIS server, ArcSDE), server technologies (IIS and Apache/ Tomcat) and the relevant database technologies (Oracle, MS SQL server).


Our successful relationship with Deutsche Telekom AG and the Telekom Deutschland GmbH and its subsidiaries has lasted over 10 years and involves the full spectrum of spatial information technologies. We provide support in the implementation, adaptation and further development of complex web applications. Our services also include the maintenance and optimisation of the chosen database- and server technologies and we consult on the sustainable use of webmapping technologies.


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